Photo by İsra Nilgün Özkan on Pexels

Javier Real-Alvarado, EIT

Mechanical Engineer based in Mexico

Hey there,

my name is Javier. I'm a mechanical engineer with an interest in creative design. I believe people inspire people; this push the needle for innovation.

How I work

I believe in product-driven ideas over product-bounded ideas.

Our surroundings breed great design, but the drive for innovation comes from within.

Understanding our own nature thrives for change, rediscovering each other pushes evolution.

I'm Inspired by

Movement ideals flow sustain 

organic natural seamless

sonder flow local culture synergy

following the path, converges through
emerges, rises above, gives way


consumer electronics · audio engineering · composites & organic
materials · quantum computing · energy studies · astronomy · philosophy · music and performance · cinema & photography · contemporary art